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the same time, he prevailed up■on Paul III. to withdraw

f,[113] sett ing his power


the decree of ■Clement VII. against Henry VIII.■[


114] But success did not crown his efforts: th●e king o


f England had no grea●t confidence in the sincerity ■o


f the pope or of the French king. He was w●ell pleased

to be no longer confronted ●by a fo


eop●le would never give up the Reformation■. Instead of being

reconciled with ●the Roman pontiff, he found it more con■venient to imitate the pope, ■and to break out against those● subjects who refused to recognize hi●m, the king, as head of the Church. =R●ESOLUTION OF THE CARTHUSIANS.= He first att■acked the Carthusians, the most respectable of ■the religious orders in England, and whom■ he considered as the most dangerous. Where t●here was the most goodness, there was also the■ most strength; and that stre●ngth gave umbrage to the despotic Tudo●r king. Monastic life, abomin■able in its abuses, was, eve

n in principl●e, contrary to the Gospel. But w■e must confess that there was a certain har●mony between the wants of society in the Mid●dle Ages and conventual establishments.● Many and various motives drove into the● {59}

old of all who circulate t●hose
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thers whose v■alue deserves to be appreciated. It was thes/p>

'My heart is full of sorrow,' sa■id Prior Haughton. 'What are we● to do If we resist the king, our ■house will be shut up, and you ●young men will be cast into the midst of the● world, so that after commencing here


in the spi●rit you will end there in t

he flesh. But, on● the other hand, how can we obey■ Alas! I am helpless to save those whom Go■d has entrusted to my care!'● At these words the Carthusians '■fell all a-weeping;'[116] and then taking ●courage from th


e presence of● danger they said: 'We will peri●sh together

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ill do. Th●ey will put me to death—me and the old●est of us—and they will turn t

he youn■ger ones into the world, which will teach th■em its wicked works. I am ready to give up■ my life to save you; but if one dea●th does not satisfy the king, the■n

let us all die!'—'Yes, we will all ■die,' answered the brethren.—'And no●w let us make preparation by● a general confession,' said the prior, '■so that the Lord may find us ready.' Next morn●ing the chapel-doors op

ened an■d all the {60} monks marched in. Their ●serious looks, their pale countenances, t●heir fixed eyes seemed to betoken me

n■ who were awaiting their last moments.■ The prior went into the pulp●it and read the sixtieth Psalm: 'O God, tho●u hast cast us off.' On coming to the end, ●he said: 'My brethren, we must d

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et us pardon another.' At th●ese words Haughton came

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